Bea’s passion for design and pursuit of a “healthy home” have taken her on a journey to learn about how the art of homemaking has changed. With years of experience as a professional organizer, Bea loves exploring how our homes, and our habits, impact our lives. At a time when people are taught to “optimize” their lifestyles, Bea is interested in the “slow home” - learning about cultural crafts, generational handiwork, and the unique items, and traditions, that make a house, a home.


Co-Exec Producer and Host

A weekly show where hosts, Bea Copeland and Baker Machado, examine the home industry through a millennial lens as they meet with experts from prominent home brands like, Real Simple, tour unique tiny homes in the tri-state area, and give thoughtful product recommendations. Over 20 episodes, Cheddar @Home reveals how the home industry has changed ー and where it's headed. Available on YoutubeTV, DirecTV Now, Roku, and PlutoTV.


Lifestyle Segment Host

Check out Cheddar News on Fridays and watch Bea talk about the latest lifestyle trends and advice live in the studio - from teaching the Japanese art of kintsugi to eco-friendly wrapping hacks.